ProjecTools Cost Control Software

Cost control software for project control groups that are sick and tired of guessing or messing with spreadsheets. ProjecTools web based project cost application helps standardize your wbs, track your budget, and produce meaningful, consistent reports.
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Why ProjecTools Cost Control Software is Better

Cost Control Software

Cost controllers using accounting software and spreadsheets are overworked, unhappy, and unable to manage effectively. Even though project controllers have some tools that kind of work,  they have difficulties producing regular consistent reports because 1. their apps won’t allow it, 2. they don’t have access to timely data, and 3. each discipline/group does their own thing and its hell to make sense of it all.

ProjecTools cost control software takes a slightly different approach. Through our work with some of the most prominent players and biggest projects, we understand that the budget is a foundation of the project – without it you can’t even work toward profitability. With that in mind we built a clever, albeit simple tool that standardized the wbs, integrated with accounting, procurement, engineering, and labor tracking to gather actuals, and translated reports into the client’s terms.

ProjecTools cost control is more than just a budget tool – hell, a spreadsheet could do that – it is an insanely clever application that produces spectacular, consistent reports at any discipline level. Which coincidentally, usually saves 10% on schedule and 14% on overall budget according to our friends at IPA.

More Benefits

  • Cloud-based system centralizes global teams and their data into one application
  • Standardize WBS throughout the company or project to improve reporting
  • Locking baseline ensures change orders are approved and overages are visible
  • Report using the clients standards and numbering
  • Roll up and group WBS levels for reporting that makes sense
  • Integrates with ProjecTools Documents, Procurement, Time & Expense, and other accounting applications
  • Gets cost controllers out of accounting-based systems and unwieldly spreadsheets

Return On Investment (ROI)

See how ProjecTools Cost Control Software can help your teams standardize project control practices and implement consistent reporting on discipline level to reduce cost growth and schedule slips that lead to big penalties and list credibility with the client or investors.

How It Works

ProjecTools Cost Control software allows project managers to successfully control and execute Oil & Gas and EPCI projects. Manage cash flows, mitigate risks and produce concise reports using tools that integrate critical information and communication with real-time, world-wide access.

Cost Controller

Define work breakdown structures (WBS), build a profiled baseline budget, and manage administrative and contractual change orders. Execute your budget plan from start to closeout using a system-controlled process. Use integrated, web-based tools to manage each WBS with line item precision from cost, man-hours, and revenue perspectives. Generate reports to predict cash flow requirements.

Other breakdown structures (OBS) allow organizations to map existing WBS formats for consistent and familiar reporting.

Instantly replicate project control structures and best practices to rapidly deploy new projects.

Financial Interface

Integrate existing accounting systems with ProjecTools Cost Control and Procurement to generate precise, financial data and reports in a secure environment eliminating duplicated effort and costly data entry errors. Financial Interface pushes purchase order and change order data directly and pulls purchasing data, commitments and actuals directly to and from your company’s accounting system, bypassing cumbersome spreadsheets.

Scheduling Interface

Integrate existing scheduling systems with ProjecTools for true collaboration and progress reporting.

Budget controlsProtects baseline from inception through closeout
Work breakdown structures (WBS)Standardized for accuracy and consistency reporting on projects
Purchasing, financial and scheduling integrationSingle entry financial and scheduling data prevent wasted time and inaccuracies
ProjecTools OBS (Other Breakdown Structure)Provides mapping from WBS to multiple stakeholder breakdown structures
SaaS modelProvides secure, worldwide access to real-time project control data and reports
Extensive reporting toolsMaintain financial visibility and credibility
Performance measurementAccurately compute variance and Earned Value
Budget ForecastingMaintain accurate projections with visibility into bid package progress and pending change orders

Home Page

The ProjecTools Home Page allows users to complete tasks as well as view, download, mark-up, and submit items as well as define and generate Cost Control Histograms.