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ProjecTools Documents resolves the problem of revision control, communication management and reporting. ProjecTools Supports Oil & Gas projects by providing industry-friendly workflows and reporting in an online system.

Feature Benefit
Configurable controls Enforce workflows, prevent data inaccuracies and duplicated effort
Routings & Transmittals Create, distribute and track document packages for internal or external review and approval
Progress Milestones Track actual progress and determine earned progress by definable milestones
Online Supplier Submittals Reduce document control overhead, improve collaboration and organize communications
Late action reports Reveal breakdowns and bottlenecks to maintain visibility and accountability
Batch Upload & Import Drastically reduce resources needed to maintain documents
Technical & Supplier Data Registers Easily locate, manage and track documents to reduce overhead, improve collaboration and organize communication
Online Markups Simplifies document review and markup process
Distribution Matrix Provides role-based access to the latest document revision

Document Manager

ProjecTools Documents brings together engineering design documents, distribution and revision control into a user-friendly interface. The intuitive, online review and transmittal process, complete with audit history, ensures clients receive a quality product every time. Powerful reporting tools drive transparency and accountability to eliminate costly bottlenecks.

Supplier Data is maintained in a searchable register by PO or Project. Suppliers submit and receive transmittals online to greatly reduce the overall review time. Extensive reporting tools, including late action reports, maintain schedule compliance.

Home Page

Correspondence Manager

Correspondence Manager captures and archives project communications, memos, emails, letters, etc. Achieve enhanced communication and accountability using ProjecTools.

Document Interface *

Document Interface provides automated, rule-based integration with subs, suppliers or client document systems

* Additional implementation necessary to integrate